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Shipping costs aren’t part of our prices. We have different shipping prices based on distances.

We have an online calculator on our site which gives you a quotation on the shipping prices.
They change from time to time due to changes in currency costs. We use airmail most of the time, one of the fastest and reliable ways of sending a book.

However, for bulk buyers, the case is different since most of the airlines limit the weight for every passenger.

The books are insured such that in case of any unavoidable circumstances you can’t get your book for valid a reason that is our problem and not yours.


You will get the same service just as you could have bought from the main office.
We keep on advertising for distributors.

Check out our distributor’s page and fill in the details. We will communicate to you with a yes or no answer after thorough vetting.


We will only inconvenience you by waiting longer to resend the book but trust us. You will have it in the long run.

We have distributors located in all the continents to reduce the time taken to ship the books. 

Once you order the book and make all your final payments, we will look at the nearest distributor and start the process. You can also purchase directly from them; we are still in the same system.