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Good Introductory Books

Are you new to academic books in history, biblical, or religious studies? We've marked our books to help you - Click Here!
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This page is designed to help libraries and librarians use Dove services to the best advantage.

Personalized Library Service Contact George Wind to discuss any way Dove might be helpful.

Email Updates

Please make sure that we have the appropriate contact information for your library on-file, including the email addresses of the proper people to receive and evaluate our special promotional offers. We have 9 different subject lists to which we make new book announcements and money saving offers. You can fine-tune your mailings to receive only the information you need. The subject areas are:

  • Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Ancient Near East
  • Classical Studies
  • Medieval Studies
  • Christian Church History/Patristics
  • Judaism (through medieval, sometimes later)
  • Theology
  • Religions (World Religions, History of Religions, Study of Religion)

Database Integration

Electronic (Excel Spreadsheet) versions of our new and used databases , which can be downloaded, sorted, searched, and scanned against current library holdings. Simply click on the desired report.

New Book Services

Discount Pricing

We can help stretch library budgets by offering discount prices on books from academic publishers worldwide.

Standing Orders

Simplify by letting us track the release of new books published in series. We make sure you get your books promptly and at the best prices.

Library Billing

Most libraries are now paying by credit card. Of course you may use your purchase order numbers to track your orders within your own systems. In the shopping cart there is a box on that screen for you to enter your PO number. If you omit the PO, you should indicate "Verbal" and the name of the person assuming responsibility for the order.

Used Book Services

We buy Used Books We can buy withdrawn books and we pay among the highest prices in the industry.
Turn your donations and discards into credit for new books or cash. We can work from lists for small numbers of books or we can travel to your location to assess larger numbers. We can provide prompt removal of books upon your acceptance of our offer.

We sell Used books We have a large inventory of important scholarly books in Biblical Studies and the ancient and medieval worlds, with strong collections in Patristics, Church History and Theology. We carefully screen the volumes we buy to avoid ubiquitous and trivial inventory.

We Search for Books We can often supply replacements for missing volumes that are now out-of-print. We maintain lists of items needed by our customers and screen all incoming stock against them before placing items into our online inventory. Please contact us regarding submitting your want-list in electronic format. There is no per-book charge for libraries to submit want-lists electronically. When items are found, we submit a written quotation for your approval.

We buy and sell journals We list contiguous runs of journals in our used book inventory, but we also have loose numbers of many journals on-hand.

We sell scholarly libraries We can sometimes offer large collections from other institutions or major scholars.

Collection Development We can assist with collection development and can draw upon a network of domestic and international suppliers and dealers as your need require.

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